Modeling and simulation of hydraulic systems for system design, component sizing and control design.

Hydraulics Library is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for the modeling of hydraulics systems. Hydraulics Library can be used by all industry sectors that involve hydraulic components, including machine tools, transmissions, and actuation systems. Hydraulics Library is particularly useful for automotive OEM’s and suppliers, commercial vehicle design and manufacturing companies, and the aerospace industry.
Hydraulics Library provides models for the simulation of pumps, motors and cylinders, restrictions and valves, hydraulic lines, lumped volumes, and sensors. User gets the best modeling experience due to the acausal nature of the component models. Hydraulics Library seamlessly incorporates the feature of thermo-hydraulic capabilities in to all of its models. Large collection of inbuilt fluid properties are available which covers most of the common hydraulic fluids. Hydraulics Library has capability to create any type of valves from the scratch using Elements sub-package. These valve models will be of higher fidelity that is useful for valve designers.
Unlike other commercial tools, Hydraulics Library is based on the open-standard Modelica language. Therefore, the available models can be easily duplicated and modified to fit user needs. The models can also be used for real-time and hardware-in-the-loop applications


  • System and component design in a single tool
  • Easily integrated into any application domain
  • Ideal for control design
  • Fast, real-time capable
  • Handles incompressible and compressible oils, and cavitation
  • Open, customizable & well documented
  • Supports thermo-hydraulic behaviour


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