Modelon Fuel Cell Library

Modeling and simulation of fuel cell components and systems for multiple purposes, such as design, transient behavior, validation, controls and real-time applications (HIL/SIL).

The Fuel Cell Library enables component and system design as well as operational analysis for many types of fuel cell systems. The Library contains 70+ drag-and-drop, generic components to model reactors, fuel cell stacks, and complete systems. Additionally, it features around 20+ predefined configurations to simulate Solid Oxide (SOFC) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEMFC) fuel cells. Fuel Cell Library can also be used to develop real-time simulation models for use in HIL/SIL rigs. Dynamic behavior in fuel cell and corresponding control systems is furthermore easily captured. The library contains all elements required for modelling full system such as stacks, reactors, burners, but also media, templates and other supporting elements.


  • Complete environment for verification of plant concepts and control strategies
  • Enables dynamic as well as steady-state simulation in the same model
  • Integration of hydraulic or electrical models
  • Estimation and understanding of the waterway dynamics
  • Planning of commissioning tests and procedures
  • Estimation of possible/necessary start and stop rates of the guide vanes
  • Identification of objectives for the water level control
  • Analysis of extreme working conditions of the plant, such as load rejection