Modelon Engine Dynamics Library

Simulation of combustion engine systems for control
design, virtual prototyping and ECU verification.

Engine Dynamics Library provides a framework for combustion engine system modeling, simulation and analysis, including the complete air gas exchange. The library is well suited to represent transient engine response and related engine control. Applications include control design with the purpose of transient engine out emissions reduction, transient exhaust condition modeling for optimum EATS operation conditions, and engine response dynamics.
Engine Dynamics Library utilizes a mean value combustion model for torque, charge flow and exhaust condition modeling. Pressure and thermal dynamics of the complete air gas exchange process can be studied. Several turbo charger and EGR configurations can be modeled, including variable geometry turbine designs.


  • Multi domain: Fluid mechanics, thermal dynamics, and mechanics captured in the same tool.
  • Air gas exchange dynamics
  • Well suited for control design