Christer Ljungberg (born 1963) Chairman since 2018

Education and experience:  Christer Ljungberg has a master’s degree in engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and is a trained Marketing Economist at DIHM. Through board assignments and work in senior positions, he possesses significant knowledge about the development of companies with a focus on IT and digitalization. He is also a member of the Swedish Board Academy.

Christer has many years of experience from several board assignments in, among other things, software, technology, and media companies. He has experience from assignments as chairman of the board of six companies, of which two listed companies. Previous experience includes assignments with Viedoc Technologies AB, Ecoguard AB, Netgain AB (chairman), Dyn4m0 AB (chairman), Micropos Medical AB (listed, chairman), Mediaprovider AB (listed, chairman) Elander Invest AB (CEO and board member) and Followit AB (listed, founder, CEO and board member)

Share ownership:  Christer Ljungberg holds a call option provided by Modelon Group AB which gives Christer Ljungberg the right to acquire 120,000 Series B shares in the Company from Modelon Group AB.

Other significant assignments: Christer Ljungberg has ongoing board assignments in Visbook Holding AS (chairman), Exalt AB (listed), Wematter AB, and Novogon AB

Independent with respect to the company and company management, independent with respect to larger shareholders.