Flexible Deployment

Modelon Impact is designed to change the way engineering simulation technology is accessed and used by experts and stakeholders alike. Democratization of engineering simulation software is essential for global stakeholders to share and contribute to product innovation. Modelon Impact’s cloud-native client/server architecture centralizes modeling resources and data on a server, accessible from the browser UI or other web interfaces via REST API. Users can access their models and collaborate from any connected platform; eliminating desktop installation and on-going maintenance.

Web Apps

Our documented and robust REST API provides access to model data hosted on the Modelon Impact server, opening new opportunities to collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders. Build custom web apps that can be shared and deployed throughout your enterprise and beyond.

Functional Mock-up Interface Capabilities

Modelon Impact supports the Functional Mock-up Interface standard. Individual components or full models that you have created in Modelon Impact can be exported as a Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU) and shared.


Modelon Impactがあなたのチームのパフォーマンスをどのように加速させるかご覧ください。

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