This blog post is relevant for those interested in learning who Modelon is and how we’re striving to build the best global team to bring innovative simulation solution products to market.

11 years ago we kicked off an off-site summer event in an effort to drive unity, creativity, strategy and collaboration. The team of 10 employees quickly realized the value as the output was extraordinary. So extraordinary in fact that the tradition has continued every year. As we continue to grow, a globally united ‘One Modelon’ is essential for developing and delivering our world class solutions to clients around the world.  Our summer event is a key driver in building this alignment. As such, in June 2017 we welcomed 65 employees from 5 countries to Sweden for two and half days of team building, collaboration, and strategy.

Our global expansion

Modelon has grown substantially over the past 11 years and our global placement has been strategic – bringing our people and products closer to the clients. Adding fresh faces and new cultures to a rapidly growing organization comes with challenges but bringing our team together annually enables us to multiply the potential from all individuals. We know that with a unified global team, collaboration can happen freely and our clients can reap the benefits of our expertise.

Sustaining our growth

What continues to make Modelon a unique and imperturbable place to work is that we have practiced a bottom-up approach where everyone’s ideas are valued and encouraged. The fact is that Modelon has attracted and retained some of the brightest people on the planet and we want to listen and challenge each other to be greater, to learn from each other, to create world-leading solutions.

Our Commitment

We are committed to deliver on the promises of open-standard technologies –  enabling any organization to effectively leverage common code system simulation solutions to design and operate their technical systems. We have built and are continuing to build excellence in solutions and teams for simulation based systems design needed to serve any client.

I can confidently and proudly say that the output of our 11th annual summer event will be realized in the year(s) to come. Our strategic global placement and talent pool will propel Modelon to become an unmatched partner in offering premium systems simulation products with exceptional value and attracting the brightest talent. Stay tuned…

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Magnus GäfvertMagnus Gäfvert is Modelon’s Chief Executive Officer.