Easy setup and automate your tests

We are excited to announce that a new tool joins the Modelon product family: Model Testing Toolkit.

Based on regression testing method, this is a tool for enabling easy setup and automating model tests.

Test creation has never been easier: Model Testing Toolkit uses a script for automatic test generation. The developer can fill in the blanks and have a test suite up and running much faster than if the tests were created from scratch.

The graphical user interface comes at hand for the model variable structure to be parsed, and for extracting variables for running regressions. You can read more details in this blog article.

Main applications include testing models in multiple FMI environments (or native formats), or testing FMI Tools in connection to Modelica Compilers and/or Libraries. To learn more about applications of this tool read use case for Modelon library development.

The Model Testing Toolkit can save you a lot of time, so get in touch and we help you discover how!

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