Modelon will sponsor and exhibit at the upcoming 13th International Modelica Conference, held in OTH Regensburg, Germany from March 4- 6.  

The International Modelica Conference brings users, library developers, software vendors, and academics together to learn about the latest research and technology related to Modelica and the Functional Mockup Interface. This year’s conference features technical presentations, tutorials, and vendor sessions covering modeling complex physical and cyber-physical systems and the applications of Modelica within various industries.

Modelon will present the following:

Presented by Jiří Navrátil and Johan Windahl
Monday, March 4th| 17:00 – 17:45 | Room S052

In this vendor session, learn about Modelon’s industry-proven Modelica and FMI based technology as well as what Modelon sees as the future of modeling and simulation.  

By Authors Anh Nguyen and John Batteh
Wednesday, March 6th | 10:20 – 10:45 | Room S054

This paper describes the model-based control system development for a hydroelectric power plant to ensure water level control and mitigate spillage risk.  The modeling of both the flume system and prototype controls is described.  The integrated model is run over a suite of tests to verify the calibration of the control strategy.  Results from the plant commissioning are compared with the virtual tests.  The model proved capable of accurate predictions of the waterway dynamics, and the model-based calibration was successfully verified on the actual plant.

By Authors John Batteh, Ashok Kumar Ravi, and Dale Pickelman
Tuesday, March 5th | 11:50 – 12:15 | Room S052

Electrification of automotive systems presents significant opportunities for improvements in cooling system efficiency and performance.  This paper describes an effort to develop an analytic platform for Hanon Systems to evaluate the electrification potential for powertrain cooling systems.  The paper describes the development of a baseline diesel cooling system model based on the Ford 6.7L Power Stroke diesel. A variant of the system with electric pumps is also modeled.  Performance of the baseline conventional and electric pump system are compared on a typical automotive drive cycle to quantify potential benefits of the electric pump system and advanced controls.

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