Ricardo Software IGNITE users have access to Modelon Liquid Cooling Library

Modelon is pleased to announce that the Liquid Cooling Library, a Modelica-based library for analysis of incompressible and compressible liquid cooling systems, is now available for Ricardo Software IGNITE users. The Liquid Cooling Library models a broad range of systems in the automotive, industrial equipment and process industries. Application include engine cooling, battery thermal management, and cooling of power electrics and machines. The announcement represents a significant milestone, being the first Modelon library to be integrated in IGNITE, following the recent announcement that Modelon’s OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit was selected by Ricardo to enhance IGNITE’s Modelica and FMI capabilities.

Modelon’s Multi-Platform Strategy provides users access to the company’s world leading model-based design tools across a broad range of Modelica platforms, delivering on Modelon’s mission to empower open standards model-based development.