Modelon is pleased to announce the 2020.2 release is now available for Modelica libraries within the Modelon Library Suite. Detailed release notes are listed below and on the product pages. Modelon products are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

As part of our multi-platform strategy, select Modelon technology is available in an expanding list of platforms. View the complete list here.

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2020.2 Highlights Include:


  • Added capability to deploy Vehicle Dynamics Library vehicle models in VI-Grade’s eco-system of driving simulators
  • Improved cyclic battery aging models,  new electric vehicle model range example
  • Support for sequential transmissions
  • New thermal expansion valve, improvements in gas mass calculations, flow source connections user friendliness connection improvements


  • Physics-based Solving technology implemented into Jet Propulsion Library enhancing steady-state simulation, documented in a new tutorial on specific TurboJet example
  • New bend models with examples, new Ejector in Fuel System Library
  • Improved user friendliness by restructuring ambient models and multi-pressure boundary connectors
  • Single acting cylinder model, improved cavitation, mixing and friction models in Hydraulics Library

Energy & Power

  • Microgrid demonstrator (model, notebooks, web apps) – complete workflow
  • Thermal Power Library significantly modernized (structure & calc. stability) with several new components and examples related to hydrogen combustors, economizer calibration, heat recovery steam generator design and water steam cycle calibration
  • Spline-based Table-lookup Media Creator 
  • New capillary Tube model, two-phase-gas counter-flow heat exchanger for residential AC

Detailed release notes:

Contact us directly to receive the new release