Modelon is pleased to announce the 2020.1 release is now available for Modelica libraries within the Modelon Library Suite. Detailed release notes are  listed below and on the product pages. Modelon products are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

As part of our multi-platform strategy, select Modelon technology is available in an expanding list of platforms. View the complete list here.

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2020.1 Highlights Include:


  • Improved battery thermal and aging models
  • New DC-DC (Direct to Direct Current) models based on actual converter topologies
  • New PEM (Proton-exchange Membrane) fuel cell vehicle model
  • Support for the latest SimCenter Tyre (formerly Delft Tyre)​ from Siemens
  • Polynomial truck suspension​ example
  • New sensors and properties calculator in thermal libraries


  • High performance aircraft and jet engine models added to the Aircraft Dynamics Library and Jet Propulsion Library
  • New types of boundary conditions components
  • Various usability improvements allowing effective unit conversions, scaling factors usage, correlation replacements and summary records usage

Energy & Power

  • ESCOA (Extended Surface Corporation of America) heat transfer correlation has been added to the Thermal Power Library
  • Natural convection wire and tube heat exchanged developed for HVAC heat, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Detailed release notes:

Contact us directly to receive the new release