Modelon is pleased to announce the release of 2019.1 for products within the Modelon Library Suite and Modelon Creator Suite. Detailed release notes are available below and on the product pages. Modelon products are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

As part of our multi-platform strategy, select Modelon technology is available in OPTIMICA, Dymola, TwinBuilder, IGNITEMapleSim, SimulationX, and Simcenter Amesim. 

Contact us directly to receive the new release

Highlights Include:

– New state-of-art battery charging and performance models
– Fast table-based media significantly improving the simulation speed
– New components: heat exchanger, control valve, tire models
– Initialization and calculation robustness improvements
– Realtime and HiL (Hardware in the Loop) support enhancements


– New aircraft model architecture with subsystems and aerodynamic
– New complex gas turbine model with mass estimation


Energy & Power
– Three pressure boiler for gas turbine powerplants
– New hydro friction models
– District heating heat diffusion and dynamic delay models introduced
– Solid oxide fuel cell model calculation speed enhanced

Detailed release notes:

Contact us directly to receive the new release