Modelon selected to lead workshop, on August 6, at largest building simulation conference in the world

Buildings have become one of the largest consumers of global energy – consuming up to 40% of global energy expenditures and accounting for nearly the same fraction of global carbon emissions. Achieving an optimal balance between comfort and moderated energy use is currently an engineering challenge in the industry.

Featured at the largest building simulation conference in the world, Modelon experts will give a hands-on workshop, Optimization of Energy Systems using JModelica, for engineers to both optimize the design and operation of various building scenarios using energy models. Topics and examples will include:

  • Showcase of open standard tools for simulating Modelica buildings models using
  • Simulation and Optimization of EnergyPlus models using Python tools via Modelon’s PyFMI
  • Dynamic optimization for parameter estimation of a chiller plant model with real world data
  • Optimization of setpoints using co-simulation of multiple building models

Join us on Sunday, August 6th in San Francisco at Building Simulation 2017. For workshop description and registration information click here. All software and models for the building scenarios covered will be distributed freely prior to and during the workshop.

For more information on JModelica, Modelon’s open source Modelica platform, click here.

Building Sim

Optimization software ecosystem for co-simulation using Modelon’s simulation tools