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Modelon Presents at 2017 SAE AeroTech Congress & Exhibition

Modelon presents ‘Aircraft Fuel System Design Using 1D and 3D Methods: An Enabler for Thermal Management’

Join us on Wednesday, September 27th in Fort Worth, Texas at 2017 SAE Aerotech Congress & Exhibition.  Modelon expert and Chief Strategy Officer, Hubertus Tummescheit, will present Aircraft Fuel System Design using 1D and 3D Methods: An Enabler for Thermal Management during the Power and Thermal Systems – Thermal Management for Aerospace Applications session.

Co-authored by Michael Sielemann, Modelon’s Aerospace Industry Director, this paper and presentation combines 1D and 3D methodology, delivering capabilities normally limited to complex and time-consuming CFD computations at the speed and convenience of system simulations. The paper provides a description of the Modelon’s Fuel System Library and puts thermal management in context with more general model-based design of aircraft fuel systems. It also describes in detail an aircraft fuel sub-system model including thermal aspects and illustrates an industrial application in the design of high performance aircraft.

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