For Modelon products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Modelon is glad to announce TechniaTranscat as a new reseller partner for Modelon’s family of model-based systems simulation products.

The combination of TechniaTranscat’s leadership in PLM solutions with Modelon’s excellence in model-based systems simulation offers a solid base for future-proof and collaborative product innovation by our customers.

TechniaTranscat will offer Modelon products for its Dymola® and 3DEXPERIENCE® customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The range of products distributed includes Modelon’s suite of model libraries for Dymola:

Air Conditioning Library®, Electric Power Library®, Engine Dynamics Library®, Environmental Control Library®, Fuel Cell Library®, Fuel System Library®, Heat Exchanger Library®, Hydraulics Library®, Hydro Power Library®, Liquid Cooling Library®, Thermal Power Library®, Pneumatics Library®, Vapor Cycle Library®, Vehicle Dynamics Library®

Modelon tools enabling model deployment across the enterprise are also covered:

FMI Add-in for Microsoft Excel®, Model Testing Toolkit™

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