Modelon Release 2019.2

Modelon is pleased to announce the 2019.2 release is now available for Modelica libraries within the Modelon Library Suite and OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit within Modelon Creator Suite. Detailed release notes are  listed below and on the product pages. Modelon products are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

As part of our multi-platform strategy, select Modelon technology is available in an expanding list of platforms. View the complete list here.


Contact us directly to receive the new release

2019.2 Highlights Include:


  • Validated battery models based on Rimac battery test cell, including thermal aspects, limits and the battery cycler power de-rating algorithm
  • New two-stage vapor injection compressor
  • New user-friendly sensors visualizing the flow, enthalpy, temperature, and pressure inside components
  • Updated truck models with the new chassis experiment


  • Intercontinental flight trajectory simulation capability added
  • Improved post-processing
  • New three-wheel-bootstrap air conditioning cycle with temperature control
  • Added ability to scale turbine maps
  • New fuel tank sensors measuring a fuel tank fluid level and the center of gravity

Energy & Power

  • New microgrid example including solar, wind, water reservoir production and consumer sources developed, equipped by a simple control strategy
  • New ancillary services and control strategy developed for the coal-fired power plant
  • A gas turbine model and control strategy added to the combined cycle power plant including mechanical and thermal stress estimation

Detailed release notes:

Contact us directly to receive the new release