You can find us in the exhibition hall, the Vendor Session, the Tutorial Session, and at our nine paper presentations.

t is now less than three weeks left to the 11th International Modelica Conference. This bi-annual main event for the Modelica and FMI communities is this year held in Versailles, France on September 21-23. Registration is still open at the conference webpage, where you also find the preliminary program.

Conference highlights from Modelon

In addition to being Silver Sponsor for the event, Modelon will contribute with:

– A Vendor Session on Modelica and FMI Products from Modelon

  • Modelica libraries for several physical domains, including automotive, aerospace and energy, is highlighted and demonstrated for selected applications.
  • New features of Modelon’s FMI connectivity products, including the FMI toolbox for MATLAB and the FMI Add-in for Excel, are presented, as well as new optimization capabilities in and the OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit.
  • A novel Modelica and FMI cross test platform, the OPTIMICA Testing Toolkit is introduced.

– A Tutorial on Optimal control and state estimation with Modelica and Optimica. This tutorial demonstrates how Modelica and Optimica are used to formulate and solve optimization problems targeting control industrial processes. A key focus of the tutorial is usability of numerical algorithms when solving dynamic optimization problems arising in control applications. Participants are offered hands on experiences with effective tools for achieving convergence in industrial optimization problems.

The tutorial offers on open source tool track which is based on and one commercial tool track which is based on the OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit. The latter track also offers hands on experiences with optimization of industrial power generation systems.

– A generous space in the conference exhibition.

Take the opportunity to meet our sales team, developers, experts and management, and learn all about Modelon solutions and our offerings!

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