Jessica Johannesson - Modelon

Modelon announces the addition of Jessica Johannesson to Modelon’s leadership team as Global Human Resources Manager.

Johannesson is responsible for nurturing global growth and helping leaders work effectively with their direct reports to ensure high performance. Prior to joining Modelon, Johannesson worked at Hövding Sverige AB, where she managed performance reviews and general company work compliance. Johannesson continued her career at Camurus, where she played a vital role in the company’s transition into a commercial company by supporting employee growth in Camarus’ global locations. Johannesson also served as a self-employed consultant for 10 years to advise small to medium-sized companies on increasing employee performance.

“I’m very excited to be on board at Modelon to support and guide the growth of the company,” said Johannesson. “I believe that a company’s strongest assets are its employees. My commitment is to ensure that every employee is empowered to reach their full professional potential.”

“Our goals at Modelon include ensuring that our employees are valued, continuing our global workforce growth, and maintaining the strong values and performance that define Modelon as we plan for the future. Jessica’s valuable skillset will enable us to achieve these goals,” said Modelon CEO, Magnus Gäfvert.

About Modelon 

Modelon provides software solutions and expert services to organizations worldwide that use model-based simulation tools to design and develop technical systems. Modelon’s libraries, solver, and deployment solutions enable companies to benefit from a unified picture of product system interaction and performance – from product concept to operation. Headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and with global reach, Modelon is an industry leader in model-based systems engineering with a focus on leveraging Modelica and FMI open standard technologies.