Introducing the newest addition to the Modelon Library Suite, the Aircraft Dynamics Library. The Aircraft Dynamics Library is Modelica-based library ideal for the design and simulation of full aircraft and aircraft sub-systems. With an extensive range of pre-defined components including wings, landing gear, flight controls, fuselages and morethe Aircraft Dynamics Library allows users to model flight dynamics with six and three degrees of freedom.  

Developed over several years in collaboration with multiple partners, the Aircraft Dynamics Library off-the-shelf solution offers support for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Hybrid electric aircraft and propulsion system designs
  • Landing gear design and associated control laws such as auto-brake and anti-skid technology

  • Propulsion airframe integration
  • Full system and component level aircraft sizing
  • Thermal management

For a deeper understanding of how the Aircraft Dynamics Library can help meet your aircraft systems modeling and simulation needs, visit the product page or contact our industry experts by filling out the form below.