On behalf of the entire Modelon organization, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year.

Modelon spent 2018 focused on excelling in the fundamentals of customer service and product development. We are proud to report that as a result, we have: strengthened our internal teams, deployed new technology, attracted new partners, and successfully grown our customer base. Because of you, we are poised to move into 2019 with confidence and optimism.

Modelon’s theme for 2019 is Make an Impact. This year, with our robust teams in place, we want to Make an Impact by positively disrupting the simulation space with new software and advanced technology. This year, we want our customers to Make an Impact by excelling in product development and exceeding expectations. Your success is our success. Through teamwork, relentless effort and solid execution, we can exceed our goals and ensure we all Make an Impact. 

Magnus Gafvert


Magnus Gäfvert 

Chief Executive Officer, Modelon

New Technology

 In September, Modelon launched the Electrification Library for the design, analysis, and control of electrified systems.

In October, Modelon launched Aircraft Dynamics Library, ideal for the design and simulation of full aircraft and aircraft sub-systems.https://www.modelon.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Release-2018.2-Image.jpg

Learn more about the software included in our 2018.2 release.

New Partners


Modelon has continued to deliver on the promise of open-standards; now offering Modelon Inside which enables third-party modelica-based software platforms to integrate Modelon technology. In 2018 we’re proud to report that we formed new partnerships with the following software solutions: ESI ITI SimulationXSiemens Simcenter Amesim, and ANSYS TwinBuilder. 

Customer Success


Rimac, a manufacturer of electric hyper-cars, successfully utilized Modelon’s Electrification Library to evaluate battery performance as part of a full multi-physics vehicle system simulation. Read the customer success story here.