Decarbonization and sustainable development of power systems have become top priorities in the power sector. In order to achieve an environmentally sustainable and stable power system, thermal power plants need to become more flexible, efficient, and produce lower specific emissions than what they do today. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges power sector companies face is successfully transitioning towards decarbonized power systems while being smart about investment and accounting for the variability of both renewable energy sources and demand.   

Modelon teamed up with researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to prove how Modelon’s Thermal Power Library can be used to design a more flexible and decarbonized power plant. In this webinar, our presenters will walk us through their study of building a scalable plant model, using data from a large-scale pilot plant to validate their model, designing control structures, and effectively integrating Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) technology to lower power plant emissions.   

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The potential for CCS technology to reduce emission levels by up to 90% and satisfy IPCC goals
  • The challenges associated with deploying CCS technology and how these can be addressed with modeling and simulation, including methods to reduce process stabilization times and designing a more flexible and future-proof power plant
  • Modelon technology for modeling and simulation of CCS systems

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Japan – 10:00 AM JST[abcs_fusion_section_title main_headline=”Meet Our Presenters” secondary_headline=”” /]

Dr. Stéphane Velut (PhD) is the Energy & Process Industry Director at Modelon. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble and a PhD in Automatic Control from Lund University. Stéphane has more than ten years of experience in model-based systems engineering with a focus on the optimization of energy processes and physical modeling for dynamic simulation. 

Dr. Rubén Mocholí Montañés (PhD) is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Chalmers University of Technology. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Polytechnic University of Valencia, a Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lund University, and a PhD in Energy & Process Engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology. At Chalmers University of Technology, Dr. Montañés conducts and supervises Energy Technology R&D projects.