FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/ Simulink

Access FMI Toolbox v2.6 Today!

Now available with extended HiL support – Deploy FMUs to real-time platforms

FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/ Simulink (version 2.6) is now available! We have powered up the support for exporting FMUs to hardware platforms using Simulink Coder. New features include:

  • Deploy FMUs with source code  to HiL testing
  • Compile FMU block in Simulink for real-time platforms using Simulink Coder
  • Supported by target platforms in which the compiler supports C89(ANSI) code and can compile the FMU’s source code

The workflow requires that source code FMUs are compatible with the target compiler.

For more information, consult the release notes or contact us.

About the FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink

The FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink and the Toolbox Coder Add-on provide extensive support for FMI on the MATLAB/Simulink platform. FMI Toolbox supports all major workflows in control system development and system integration for virtual prototyping, from design and sizing to optimization and MIL/SIL/HIL validation & verification testing.

Download a demo.