Modelon’s mid-year release of the Modelon Electrification Library, v1.2, is now available. Announced during our last webinar, this release includes new Rimac branded battery components – essential for modeling electrifed battery systems.

New additions include:

  • A detailed and validated model of a Rimac R&D battery cell and a battery cell validation experiment.
  • An example of a Rimac R&D battery pack module in an experiment with the new BatteryCycler.

With these additions users can:

  • Evaluate a high-fidelity model of an actual battery cell that can be used in any simulation model.
  • Perform battery testing where it is important to stay within specific limits (e.g. voltage, temperature, and state-of-charge). This is especially valuable for testing battery packs that do not have a built-in control of limits – for example, during early development.


Release Component Details

Rimac 21700 R&D Battery Cell Package

This package contains a model of the voltage, impedance, capacity and thermal dynamics of the RimacR&D 21700 battery cell. All models have been parameterized based on lab measurements performed byRimac, including voltage and impedance characterization, calorimetric and thermal conductivity measurements, chemical analysis and cell disassembly.  

This package also includes a battery cell validation experiment (CellTest) where electrical and thermal validation of the models have been performed based on separate datasets provided by Rimac 

Modelon Electrification Library is a multi-physics Modelica library for the design, analysis, verification and control of electrified systems. The library is suitable for a wide variety of electrification applications including ground vehicles, aircraft, personal mobility, auxiliary power electric storage systems, and other complex engineered systems. 

Rimac R&D Battery Pack Module

This battery module uses the Rimac R&D 21700 battery cell, with 24 cells in series and 10 in parallel for a total of 240 cells. Two thermal models of the module are also included in the library, along with a virtual battery cycling test rig which includes cooling of the battery cells. The test lab can also be used for alternative Modelica-based battery models.

Demo: Scaling up to a full vehicle with Electrification Library version 1.2 Rimac battery components