Accepted Presentation Papers:

Control Systems  – Dynamic optimization of heating distribution networks – Stephane Velut, Johan Åkesson, Håkan Runvik, Per-Ola Larsson, Fredrik Magnusson, Gerald Schweiger  – Download PDF

Control Systems – Integration of complex Modelica-based physics models and discrete-time control systems: Approaches and observations of numerical performance – John Batteh, Lixiang Li – Download PDF

Automotive – A simulation-based digital twin for model-driven health monitoring and predictive maintenance of an automotive braking system – John Batteh, Anand Pitchaikani – Download PDF

Automotive  – Improved aerodynamic prediction through coupled system and CFD models – John Batteh, John Griffin, Hubertus Tummescheit – Download PDF

Automotive – Powertrain and thermal system simulation models of a high performance electric road vehicle – John Batteh – Download PDF

Mechanical Systems Modeling – Musculoskeletal modeling of the hand and contact object in Modelica – Shashank Swaminathan and Johan Andreasson – Download PDF

Aerospace – The Jet Propulsion Library: Modeling and simulation of aircraft engines – Michael Sielemann, Anand Pitchaikani, Nithish Selvan, Majed Sammak – Download PDF

Accepted Poster Papers:

Optimization friendly thermodynamic properties – Marcus Åberg, Johan Windahl, Håkan Runvik, Fredrik Magnusson – Download PDF

FMI and IP protection of models: A survey of use cases and support in the standard – Erik Durling, Maria Henningsson, Elias Palmkvist – Download PDF