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Now Available: Modelon Software Release 2017.2

New versions of Modelon libraries are now available as part of our 2017.2 release. As part of our multi-platform strategy Modelon libraries are currently supported and operational in Dymola, OPTIMICA, Simplorer, IGNITE, and MapleSim.

Updated versions of Modelon libraries will only be sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

Contact us directly to receive updates to your current libraries.


Air Conditioning Library 1.15

  • A CoolantMedium package was added to the ChillerTestbench template, which makes changing the coolant more convenient
  • Constant friction factor pressure drop correlation is added to drop down list in pipe models


Electric Power Library 2.3.1

  • Minor changes to some component attributes – improves compatibility with other components
  • Improvements to parameter dialog box layout – improves visual appearance
  • Type casting added on some enumerations – improves compatibility


Fuel Cell Library 1.6

  • New PEMFC membrane model and example with stack using this membrane
  • Stack example models that visualize important system indicator
  • Improved initialization parameter structure in heat exchangers


Fuel System Library 4.2

  • Implemented free convection heat transfer correlation based on Nusselt number for the complex tank model
  • Implemented 3D visualization for pipes, boundary conditions, valves, simple tank and pumps


Heat Exchanger Library 2.0

  • It is now possible to choose to include headers in flat tube heat exchangers. This option is available on the “Headers” tab of the parameter dialog
  • Plate and flat tube heat exchanger interfaces have been generalized
  • Header volume parameters are now included in the geometry records, together with all other heat exchanger geometry parameters


Hydraulics Library 4.7

  • Implemented a more flexible port-concept in Hydraulics
  • Added more commonly used predefined medium models – Newly added media are compatible with ThermoHydraulics


Hydro Power Library 2.6.4

  • Efficiency curve exponent parameter added to turbine models


Liquid Cooling Library 2.0

  • Heat exchanger model interfaces have been generalized for all heat exchanger models in Modelon’s Vapor Cycle, Heat Exchanger and Liquid Cooling libraries
  • Improved robustness of heat exchanger stack models at zero air mass flow rate


Pneumatics Library 2.3

  • Added more gases to choose from in the RealGas model. Both RealGas and IdealGas model now offers Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon dioxide, dry air and moist air


Thermal Power Library 1.15

  • PID control autotuner based on Assymetric Relay Feedback
  • Indirect thermal energy storage system consisting of two tanks connect via valves, pumps and a heat exchangerNew pipe and friction models with bends


Vapor Cycle Library 2.0

  • Air path models for HVAC application, such as fan, duct, simple cabin and by-pass valve were adde
  • Number of supported c-compilers is increased for the external medium interfaces


Vehicle Dynamics Library 3.0

  • Added Motorsports capabilities and topologies
  • Added interface to cosin’s FTire model
  • Real-time/parallelization components

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