Design and Simulate Residential Heat Pump Systems with Confidence

Discover Modelon Impact – a dedicated cloud platform with ready-to-go workflows for heat pump design. 

Modelon Impact is the ultimate system simulation and modeling platform for the design, simulation, and optimization of industrial systems. With validated components, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to extract insightful simulation results, Modelon Impact empowers engineers to make informed decisions about the design and operation of heat pump systems.  

Watch the demo to verify that Modelon Impact has what you need to design and analyze the performance of your residential heat pumps under different operating conditions.  

Watch the demo to see how users can:

Utilize robust modeling libraries built for HVAC use cases

Modelon Impact comes equipped with multiple modeling libraries which are filled with pre-configured and customizable component test benches, system templates, and validated components such as heat exchangers, compressors, and expansion valves. Modelon Impact also supports the import of pre-existing models so users can start building right where they left off. Additionally, access Medium model packages generated by experts using RefProp and CoolProp libraries.  

Size and integrate systems and subsystems

Modelon Impact allows users to iterate upon system models for sizing applications. Quickly vary model fidelity and run models to analyze performance output and for determining appropriate design specifications. Additionally, Modelon Impact makes it easy to combine sub-systems into a single model. This helps engineering teams leverage their in-house expertise for crucial system aspects and create a more true-to-life virtual model of their technology.   

Set up experiments to answer design questions

Modelon Impact users can quickly set up experiments by selecting from and adjusting a variety of pre-defined configurations. From here, users can fine-tune their models to achieve optimal heat pump system behavior. This helps engineers answer specific design questions about the performance of specific components and all the way to the full system.  In this demo, we show how the COP can be optimized for a low-fidelity heat pump system model.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories has worked with Modelon for many years, both in using its libraries to model vapor compression cycles and HVAC equipment, and for providing consulting and support for Modelica tools. We have always enjoyed working with them because they provide friendly and prompt support, as well as keen insights that help us improve our model-based processes.

Christopher Laughman

Senior Principal Research Scientist and Senior Team Leader, Multiphysical Systems.

Residential Heat Pump Demo

Watch the Demo

Learn how Modelon Impact can put you at the forefront of designing cutting-edge heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems

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Why You Should Choose Modelon Impact for Your HVAC Project

System simulation elevates engineering teams to new levels of productivity and innovation.


Modelon Impact is built to model and simulate physical systems and sub-systems with precision. Trusted by various Fortune 500 technology companies and OEMs, Modelon gives engineering teams the confidence in their simulation results to make the right design decisions 

Cost-Saving & Optimization

By using Modelon Impact to optimize heat pump technology design, engineers can identify cost-saving opportunities and reduce the overall cost of implementing residential heat pumps.   


With documented REST APIs and full access to the model code layer, Modelon Impact allows engineers to do more with their models when it comes to customization and using models with their pre-existing toolchain 


Modelon Impact is a cloud-based system simulation platform, meaning users have access to powerful system simulation wherever they have internet access.  

Time Saving

Modelon Impact allows engineers to save time and go-to-market faster with their technology by enabling rapid design iterations with a powerful simulation solver and a drag-and-drop UI.  

Siemens Energy uses Modelon Impact to Boost Collaboration

Siemens Energy used Modelon Impact to develop a detailed transient heat pump model and integrate it within a district heating network system model in the Thermal Power Library within Modelon Impact.

The capabilities in Modelon Impact enabled the Siemens Energy engineering teams to collaborate and improve upon their heat pump design.

Faster Design Time

Using the Thermal Power Library within Modelon Impact allowed Siemens Energy to reduce total design time.

Increased Collaboration

Siemens Energy leveraged the cloud platform for collaboration across a global team of engineers.

Modelon Impact being cloud-based makes it very easy for us to access the platform and our projects. This helps foster collaboration within our team and streamline our design process.

Emil Heil

Heat Pumps Proposal Manager, Simens Energy

What Can You Do With Modelon Impact?

Modelon Impact helps engineers along every step of their design process.

System and Component Sizing

Determine appropriate dimensions, specifications, and characteristics of various components within a heat pump system, such as heat exchangers, compressors, and pipes, to achieve desired performance outcomes.

Retrofitting Systems

Retrofit an existing heat pump system with modern technology and renewable energy sources to ensure performance and a clear plan for updating your system.

Design Optimization

Make informed design decisions by simulating your model in a steady state or over a set period of time.

New Refrigerant Assessment

Evaluate various refrigerants that are compliant with government regulations, environmentally responsible, efficient, and innovative. Develop new heat pump technology that brings your organization closer to carbon neutrality.

Predicting Efficiency Variability

Understand how your heat pump system will perform under a broad range of conditions and scenarios that accurately represent real-world and future variability.

Operational Flexibility Integration

Build a high-fidelity system model ripe for the integration of controls. Seamlessly move between Modelon Impact and your controls platform of choice to develop a cost-effective and high efficiency plan of operations.

Watch the Demo

Learn how Modelon Impact can put you at the forefront of designing cutting-edge heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems

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