Modelon will exhibit and present at The American Modelica Conference, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, from October 9-10.  The American Modelica Conference is organized by the Modelica Association and the North American Modelica User Group (NAMUG) to bring users, library developers, researchers and tool vendors together in discussions of the latest developments and applications of Modelica and the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI). This year’s conference includes:

  • A pre-conference program with tutorials on Modelica and Modelica-based simulation tools
  • Keynote speakers, including Modelon’s Technical Fellow, Dr. Hilding Elmqvist
  • Paper presentations by industry experts
  • Conference dinner cruise and networking session

Modelon will have a booth in the exhibition hall with demo stations featuring Modelon’s products and latest technology.  A team of Modelon experts will be on-hand to discuss how Modelon’s system modeling and simulation solutions help organizations optimize their system modeling workflows.
To learn how to register for the conference, click here. Please note that early-bird registration deadline is August 28th.
Interested to see what we’ll be doing at the conference? Make sure to check out the following sessions:

Pre-Conference Program

October 8th | Modelica Beginners Tutorial, Presented by Modelon
This pre-conference tutorial, titled “Modelica Beginners Tutorial”, is for attendees looking to understand the basic application of Modelica and Modelica-based technology.  Additionally, this tutorial will feature the latest in Modelica-based simulation tool development.


October 9th | Modelica – History, State, Needs, Trends, and Possibilities, Presented by Dr. Hilding Elmqvist, Modelon AB
Dr. Hilding Elmqvist, founder of Modelica and Technical Fellow at Modelon AB, will discuss the evolution of Modelica as one of the most versatile object-oriented modelling languages in the world. In his keynote, Dr. Elmqvist will also go through the current applications of Modelica, such as virtual testing of autonomous vehicles, as well as the future of advanced modeling and simulation tools.

Technical Paper Sessions

Modelon will present four technical presentations, including two highlighting collaborations with National Research Council of Canada and Ford Motor Company. All technical presentations will occur on October 9th and October 10th. View the full conference schedule for more details.

Presented by Modelon
This paper presents a Modelica library suitable for simulations of well operations and further development of drilling technology. The library contains the essential components for a drilling system and includes a simulation model that captures the main dynamics of the well, including: the hydraulics, mud transport, mechanics of the drill string and the drill bit interaction with the bore hole.

Presented by Modelon
Running regression tests for Modelica models can be a time-consuming process. This paper details a quick and safe regression test selection technique based on static analysis for Modelica models. The technique has been tested and validated on the Modelica Standard Library.

Presented by Modelon and the National Research Council of Canada
This paper describes the implementation of a flexible, modular, hybrid-electric aircraft modeling architecture for the development of a virtual and physical demonstrator system that will be used in the advancement of sustainable mobility systems by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC).

Presented by Modelon and Ford Motor Company
Modelon, in partnership with Ford Motor Company, presents a Modelica implementation of SBTL for fast calculation of refrigerant properties. The implementation resulted in significant improvement in computation speed without sacrificing the accuracy of the model.

Carrier, in partnership with Modelon, presents model-based systems engineering principles that are important for the development of thermo-fluid products as well as the features of Modelica, such as scalability and multi-physics modeling capability, that make it so useful for systems engineering work.

Post-Conference Modelica Association User Meeting

On October 11th, the Modelica Association organizes a User Meeting for all users of Modelica Association Standards. More information on the standards is available at
The purpose of the user meeting is to start a dialogue between the Modelica Association and its users in North America and collect feedback and requirements from industrial and academic users. It will be a face-to-face meeting with the option to connect remotely via Webex which will be provided to registered participants.
The meeting will take place in the offices of MERL at 201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139, October 11th, from 8.00 am to latest 15.00. Interested participants are requested to register via

Headed to the conference? Set up time with our team in advance to discuss your inquiries with Modelon.

Date October 8-10, 2018
Location Samberg Conference Center, Cambridge, MA
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