Modelon will present at the 2nd National Conference on Multidisciplinary Design held in Bengaluru, India on March 22-23. NCMDAO 2019 focuses on the latest technological advancements in optimization-based design and model-based systems across all major industries. To learn more about the conference, visit the conference page here.
Modelon will present the following sessions:

Presented by Modelon and ESTECO
Modelon co-presents with ESTECO on model-based design and robust design optimization of a compact electric vehicle (EV) for achieving better vehicle range for the given performance, top speed and load requirements. An Indian compact diesel hatchback was taken as a reference vehicle to start the design process for the EV. Detailed battery, motor, and simple longitudinal vehicle models were built using Modelica language platform and pre-sizing of the components were done based on the reference vehicle characteristics and required EV objectives. A hybrid optimization algorithm was used to find optimal sizing parameters of EV components that can provide maximum vehicle range satisfying all the constraints.

Date March 22-23, 2019
Location Bengaluru, India MSRUAS, Peenya campus
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Meet our team at the conference

Ashok Kumar Ravi has completed his M.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT- Kanpur. His previous experience includes working CFD area for 3 years at ESI group and in MBSE for 6 years in Siemens. At Modelon, Ashok works on Library development and Engineering service projects in MBSE. His areas of expertise include Thermal and fluid flow analysis, Engine analysis, HVAC passenger comfort studies, Hybrid electric vehicles modeling.
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