Modelon will exhibit and present at the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) 1DCAE / MBD Symposium 2019 in Kawasaki City on December 4 and 5.
This conference dedicated to understanding and applications of 1DCAE and MBD (Model-Based Design). The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Design Engineering and System Division, will play a central role, and in cooperation with related academic societies, it will contribute to the future full-scale operation by sending information and lectures on 1DCAE / MBD in the form of a symposium. At the same time, the purpose is to provide a place for exchanging information to develop cross-disciplinary manufacturing.

Presented by Rui Gao,  General Manager, Modelon KK

The CAD/CAE/CAM (3C) characterized digital mock-up solution has achieved epoch-making results in manufacturing. However, 3C cannot fulfill the functional design, performance evaluation at the early phase of development cycle where design know-how is abundantly included.
Dr. Ohtomi advocated 1DCAE focusing on the model neutral to the shape, covering multi-disciplines, and enabling fast design iteration within a short period of time. Modelica has been regarded as a promising technique to deploy 1DCAE in recent years due to its declarative powerfulness. In this talk, after illustrating 1DCAE requirements and Modelica features, we will introduce the best practices and pitfalls of 1DCAE when using Modelica.

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Date December 4-5, 2019
Location Kawasaki City, Japan
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