ASME Turbo Expo 2020 - Michael Sielemann
Modelon will present at ASME Turbo Expo 2020 taking place September 21-25. Due to COVID-19 this conference will be virtual.
The ASME Turbo Expo conference attracts the industry’s leading professionals and key decision-makers, whose innovation and expertise are helping to shape the future of the turbomachinery industry. Learn more. 

Presented by: Michael Sielemann, Industry Director, Aerospace
Classic gas turbine design relies on the definition of a design point, and the subsequent assessment of the design on a range of off-design  conditions.  On  the  design  point,  both component sizing (e.g., in terms of physical dimensions or in terms of map scaling parameters)and a solution to the off-design governing equations  are  established.  With  this  approach,  it  is however difficult  to  capture  the  contradicting  requirements  on  the  full operating  envelope.  Thus, practical  design  efforts  rely  on various multi-point design approaches. This paper introduces a simplified notation of such multi-point approaches via synthesis matching tables. It then summarizes two academic state-of-the-art   multi-point   design   schemes   using   such   tables in   a comprehensible  fashion. The  target  audience  are students  and engineers  familiar  with  the  basics  of  classic  cycle  design  and analysis looking for a practical introduction to such multi-point design approaches. Application examples are given in terms of a simple  turbojet  and  a  typical  geared  turbofan  as  modeled  in state-of-the-art academic cycle design and analysis efforts. The results  of  the  classic  design  point  approach  are  compared  to those of multi-point approaches.

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Date September 21-25, 2020
Location Virtual Conference
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