Modelon will present at AOSEC (Asia Oceania Systems Engineering Conference) 2019, held in Bangalore, India on October 17-18. This year marks AOSEC’s 12th year as an international system engineering conference. To learn more about the conference, visit the AOSEC 2019 website.
Modelon will present the following:

Presented by Elavarasan Dharumaseelan and Anand Pitchaikani
Abstract: In today’s electric vehicle arena, range, performance, drivability, handling safety and ride comfort are a few important attributes an OEM would like to improve upon in a vehicle. However, they are almost mutually exclusive like greater range & extreme handling safety would need to compromise on drivability & ride comfort and vice versa. Automotive engineers constantly focus on finding the right balance among these attributes by optimum design of the vehicle components. Often these components are multi-disciplinary involving different engineering domains like mechanical, thermal, electrical, hydraulic & electronics etc. These complexities demand for model-based and systems engineering approach from the start of the development. This emphasizes the need for high fidelity, dynamic vehicle system models – suitable for the co-development of different components and controls. In this study, detailed vehicle model representing an electric pickup truck including battery, traction motors, driveline, chassis (suspension, brakes, wheels & mounts) is created in Modelica platform using which multiple vehicle level attributes like range, performance, drivability, handling and ride comfort are studied. Further, it is shown that the simulation speed can be increased by varying fidelity of the subsystems based on study intended within the same model framework.

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Presentation Details

Date October 18, 2019
Location Bangalore, India

Time: 10:55-11:20
Track 11
System Architecture Design
Slot B14

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