Modelon will sponsor and exhibit at the 35th International CAE Conference and Exhibition (2019 CAE Conference) held in Vicenza, Italy on 28-29 October.
The 2019 CAE Conference is a conference for attendees wanting to learn about and take advantage of the best technology the engineering simulation industry has to offer. The conference will include a Plenary Session, which consists of thought leadership presentations, and Breakout Sessions, which will focus on the practical applications of engineering simulation technology in all major industries. Meet us at the Modelon booth in the exhibition hall.

Presented by Stéphane Velut
This paper describes the design and operation of microgrids using Modelon’s Thermal Power Library and Modelon Impact, a web-based modelling and simulation platform.  For the purpose of this paper, we have designed and optimized two micro-grid systems. The first one is focusing on the design of battery for peak shaving and on the operation for demand charge reduction. The second one is a multi-energy system that is optimally operated by exploiting both thermal and electrical storage systems.
 Modelon Impact has been developed as a flexible platform based on open-standards that can be used to efficiently solve current and future engineering problems for distributed energy sources and storage systems. Using a unified architecture, collaboration and efficient workflows are enabled

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Date October 28-29, 2019